Calculus Placement Test
The calculus placement test you are about to take is used to determine proper placement into MATH 118 (Differential Calculus) or MATH 121 (Calculus I) at Roanoke College.

Together, MATH 118 and the follow-up course, MATH 119 (Integral Calculus), contain the same material as MATH 121; the two-semester sequence contains just-in-time algebra review intended to help students succeed at calculus. After completing either MATH 121 or both of MATH 118 and MATH 119, students needing to take MATH 122 (Calculus II) for their majors are equally prepared. Calculus II is offered every semester and may be offered during the summer with enough student interest.

By default, all students interested in MATH 118 or MATH 121 enroll in MATH 118; the results of this test are used to move students into MATH 121 as appropriate. Sections of MATH 121 are offered at the same time as the sections of MATH 118 so your schedule will be unaffected; you will be notified through email as to the results of your placement.

You are on your own honor to complete this test alone with no assistance (including books or other material); this test was piloted by MATH 121 students at Roanoke College, and the scores required for placement into MATH 121 are based upon the success of those students. It is in your own best interest to complete this test alone, with no help, so that you can be successful in completing calculus!

Please enter your first name, last name, and Roanoke College student ID below; if you do not know your student ID, please use your home telephone number as your ID and we will look up the information we need. If you experience internet issues taking the test, you can login again below and continue your test (assuming that you still have time remaining to do so). For any issues that arise, please contact the chairperson of the Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Department, Dr. David Taylor, at

Instructions for the test will be given on the next page after you log in.
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